Our Philosophy

What can I say, we’re lighting geeks! Anything to do with lighting, we’re there. We design, research, consult, and educate about Light and Lighting. You may ask yourself, “what is the difference between light and lighting?”

That is a very good question!

According to Merriam Webster.com, Light is:

   a :  something that makes vision possible

   b :  the sensation aroused by stimulation of the visual receptors

   c :  electromagnetic radiation of any wavelength that travels in a vacuum with a speed of       299,792,458 meters (about 186,000 miles) per second; specifically: such radiation that isvisible to the human eye

Lighting is:

a: an artificial supply of light or the apparatus providing it

A lighting designer, therefore, is someone who understands the science of light and the art of using light to enhance an environment with specific lighting schemes and fixtures.

Meet The Lighting Professor

It started eons ago on one Sunday morning during family breakfast in the east facing dining room. “There, did you see that,?” thought the youngster at seeing a momentary flash on the wall. “Ah, there it is again. What is that??”

Moments passed. The intermittent dashing and darting illumination continued sparking storms of curiosity. Then in a moment of still, the spot of light was still, the observer was still. A slight move of the hand; the spot moved. Again…repeat. Gbira! “The darting spot of light is the reflection of the sunlight bouncing off the knife in my hand!!!”

Many years later, light and lighting are even more delightful and enthralling.

Me and Cobrahead: An accidental selfie. This photo happened as I was taking the mobile phone out of my pocket. How about that!

Robin Miller

Ms. Miller has dedicated her professional career to advancing arts, community, cultural, and academic organizations with her extensive leadership, artistic, and technical expertise.

As the principal of Miller Design Group, Robin has managed the corporate growth of the Philadelphia based agency providing lighting design and professional services to architectural, theatrical and interior design industries. Robin’s international network and experience includes a role as Managing Director of London, England’s Blue Thunder Lighting, where she directed all aspects of developing the national customer database and designing pioneering sales methods for this unique theatrical supplies company. Locally, Ms. Miller serves as an Advisory Council member for Mural Arts Philadelphia, as a volunteer lighting designer for Community Design Collaborative, and as a member of the Real Estate and Design committee for Germantown United Community Development Corporation.

Prior to launching Miller Design Group, Robin utilized her award winning lighting design, operational and project management skills for events and organizations including World Café Live, Visual Sound Inc, The Pennsylvania Convention Center, and the Emmyaward nominated, “Billy Joel: In His Own Words.”

In the fields of education and academia, Robin is the Community Development Instructor for Jumpstart North Philly West, has served as an educational consultant and regional coordinator for KP Scholars Program, and held the role of Program Assistant at The University of Pennsylvania’s School of Arts and Sciences for the International Teaching Assistants and Fulbright Scholars programs.

Ms. Miller received a Bachelor of Arts in Management of Information Systems from Eastern University, a Graduate Certificate in Information Technology from New York University and a Master of Science in Education from University of Pennsylvania. She is a member of the Society of Light and Lighting, the Institution of Lighting Professionals, and other professional organizations. Robin also served on the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Council of the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate and Professional Student Assembly and as a student representative on the New York University Graduate Student Council. As a licensed Real Estate agent in both Pennsylvania and New York, she uses her design and project management experience to assist buyers and sellers, from first time home buyers to real estate developers, achieve their built environment goals.

Robin is the recipient of several awards including the American Institute of Architects Philadelphia 2017 Community Design Award, the 2016 Community Design Collaborative Outstanding Team Award, 2012 Illuminating Engineering Society(IES) Philadelphia Section Certificate of Merit for The President’s House, a University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education Scholarship Grant, Parsons School of Design University Scholarship, New York University SCPS Dean’s Scholarship, and the International Communications Industry Association (ICIA) Scholarship. She has also served as a panel judge for the IES Philadelphia section 2017 Philament Awards, as a stakeholder technical specifications reviewer for Lighting Africa, and as an alumni admissions interviewer for the University of Pennsylvania.

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