The Lighting Professor is in! We love light and lighting, you could say we’re lighting nerds!

This website is a work-in-progress, being built as we speak. Enjoy the updates! will be your go-to resource for fun and learning about all things pertaining to light and lighting. Get lighting news here. One of our most active pages is Join The Conversation, our social media feeds all in one place. How cool is that?!

The photos you see throughout the site are from observations noted as we move about in the world, research, and lighting projects from our lighting design consultancy Miller Design Group.

On the Projects page, we’ll dig deep into the lighting designs for projects near and far. The Product Review page dissects some popular and lesser-known lighting fixtures.

Doing a project and need a lighting consultant? Have a product you would like us to review? Want to share your research? Contact us to discuss.

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